Instructions & Owner’s Manual


Thank you for considering the Spin-Clean Record Washer, the world’s largest selling and customer top reviewed record-cleaning device.


Getting started is quick and easy…

  2. Remove the supplied lint-free drying cloths, rollers, and record-cleaning fluid.
  3. PRE-WASH* the drying cloths in your washing machine prior to using them. Pre-washing the cloths will make them fluffy and more absorbent for drying your vinyl records.
  • If washing other clothes with the drying cloths, wash ONLY with whites, detergent, and bleach
  • DO NOT USE ANY fabric softener or dryer sheets
  • Drying cloths are REUSABLE, re-wash as necessary

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  1. Remove the rollers from the supplied package. Insert the rollers into one of the three roller positions.   If the supplied Spin-Clean brushes are not already in place inside the basin, slide each one into one of the middle rails. [If you’ve purchased a Deluxe Kit, you also have an extra set of brushes to be used as a spare pair].
  2. Fill the SPIN-CLEAN® RECORD WASHER with distilled water to the indicator line on the inner side-walls of the basin. You can use tap water if distilled water is not available.
  3. Pour the Spin-Clean Record Washer Fluid directly over the top of the inserted brushes in the wash basin – using the following amounts: Use two (2) capfuls from the 4 oz., 8 oz., 16 oz., and one (1) capful from the 32 oz. bottle.

The Spin-Clean Record Washer Fluid encapsulates the dirt extracted from the record grooves and forces it to the bottom of the basin, preventing it from being re-deposited onto the record. The bright yellow color of the SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer allows you to easily see the dirt collecting at the bottom when you are done cleaning your albums or singles.


Each time you prepare the unit for a cleaning session, the bath will clean 20-50 records. The actual number of records will vary depending on how dirty your records are.

  1. Insert your record into the SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer kit.
  2. Rotate the record CLOCKWISE three times and then COUNTER CLOCKWISE three times.
  3. Carefully remove and wipe the record with the pre-washed reusable drying towel in a CLOCKWISE CIRCULAR MOTION.
  4. Once dry, your LP, 78 rpm, or 45 rpm record is ready to be played or returned to its sleeve.


Wash brushes THOROUGHLY with warm water, press out any excess liquid, and let them AIR DRY on top of the unit. We DO NOT RECOMMEND leaving brushes in the unit filled with solution unless you are washing records.

We recommend a cleaning session where you set aside a period of time and clean as many records from a single basin filling. If you choose to fill the unit and only clean a few records, you can save the solution in the basin with the lid on for up to ONE WEEK but you MUST remove the brushes, rinse thoroughly with warm water, press out any excess liquid, and permit them to AIR DRY only returning the brushes to the basin in the solution when you are ready to clean records again.

We also suggest that you include new records, as well as old, in your vinyl record-cleaning regimen.  Upon leaving the vinyl pressing factory, a new record often contains tiny vinyl fragments, as well as an oily film from the actual record press.  These residues can compromise the acoustic fidelity of the record.

  1. If you are NOT saving the washer fluid solution to use again, remove the brushes, thoroughly rinse with warm water and press out excess liquid and let the brushes to AIR DRY on top of the unit.
  2. Discard solution and thoroughly rinse basin and rollers with warm water.
  3. Once all components are dry, place clean rollers and brushes back into the unit, which is now ready for your next cleaning session.

If you have a Spin-Clean Anti-Static Record Brush, you can see how to use it by the demonstration in this video:

Thank you for purchasing your SPIN CLEAN® Record Washer kit.

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